Free Digital Ledger
to Grow Your Business!

Monitor your financial transaction, financial report and your profit any time. BukuKas is a free digital ledger that helps your business grow faster. Yes, BukuKas is Free, Easy and Safe!

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<span style="color: #000;">BUKUKAS</span> <br><span style="color: #fff;">Free Digital Ledger <br>to Grow Your Business!</span>

Trusted by more than 500.000 of MSMEs in Indonesia

BukuKas is a FREE digital ledger that is trusted and used by more than 500.000
small, medium and small-sized enterprises across Indonesia.

Free, Safe and Easy

The Best Digital Ledger for SMMEs in Indonesia

We want to assist your business transaction bookkeeping and financial report creation to become easier and hassle-free. Download Sekarang
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The Advantages of Using BukuKas

BukuKas offers more than simplicity in business financial management
and monitoring with smartphones.

Manage Cash Flow

Having good records of your business sales, expenses, and debts and receivables allows you to manage and monitor your business cash flow 100%.

Grow Your Profit

Keep track and grow your business profit from every your business transactions everyday, so you can plan your business finance better and better.


Free yourself from hustle of manual calculations. All transactions are calculated automatically once you input number. Enjoy the calculations.

Save Time

Enjoy the freedom to manage your time between manage your business with every commotion and the other things or hobbies that you love.

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Download Financial Report

Monitor your business performance through Financial Report which you can access daily, weekly and monthly. BukuKas provides 3 types of Financial Report that you can download and print as you need; Debts and Receivables Report, Profit and Loss Report and Customer Report.

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Manage Debts and Receivables

Prevent your business from tangling in bad credit by managing your debts and receivables well. Send payment reminder via WhatsApp chat to receive payment on time.

Business Made Easy

Monitoring your business becomes easier
by using your smartphone.